Thursday, December 20, 2007

Philips Design

Immersive technologies are reaching a tipping point where buzz words like convergence, ubiquitous computing, and web 2.0 are transforming social practices. How can designers make sense of these changes? A recent Philips Design probe reveals that,

Far from fading out, as some media reports indicate, Philips Design believes that there is serious attention being paid to virtual immersive spaces, like Second Life, as dialogue with virtual world residents uncovers what companies can achieve above and beyond public relations and branding activities


International House of Pedantics said...

I have a very difficult time believing that SecondLife if the future of immersive interface. However, it does seem likely that SecondLife is an important way stop on the route we are taking.

I know several important companies are SecondLife residents. And, for a large firm, it makes sense to experiment out there. But I can't see the path to sales.

On the other hand, there is much related virtual work suggestive of immersive futures. My favorite example is the social retailing solution by showcased in Time Magazine (see,28804,1677329_1678102_1678096,00.html)
where a retail shopper can "try on" clothes projected onto a mirror, capture a photo of the overlay, email the photo via her cell phone, and get immediate thumbs up or down from friends (who, presumably, can order the outfit themselves.)

This kind of immersive interaction seems to me to have much more upside than a SecondLife avatar.

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