Saturday, March 15, 2008

Urban Abstract

Skateboard graphics are one urban communication medium this blog has failed to adequately examine. Evan Hecox, previously known for his work for skateboard design form Chocolate, has produced Urban Abstract, a book of ethnic cityscapes reproduced in linoleum block prints.

Ghost Signs

Ghost Signs is a website developed by Nicole Donohoe, MS candidate in Historic Preservation at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago. The site maps overlays of ads, images, and text in Chicago neighborhoods, documenting the palimpest of the past. Contributions of photographs, sign locations or historical information are welcome: email inquires, information, malfunctioning links or other suggestions to Nicole (Tip of the hat to Sue Novak who pointed me to the site.)

The Endless City

The Endless City, a new book edited by the London School of Economics' Ricky Burdett and design curator Deyan Sudjic, presents the work of more than 40 specialists who have worked to make sense of the new global urban condition. The book was recently profiled in a Business Week article titled, The City of the Future .

Monday, March 10, 2008


Finnish industrial designer Pekka Kumpula offers three concepts developed at Artek Culturelab toVisualize Green through the design of product design and appearance.

Bricoleurbanism� Urban Fabric & Form Comparison

The Bricoleurbanism
blog recently posted a story about urban form that is important to urban communication. Jane Jacobs always emphasized the importance of urban form, for example the use of small blocks which allow for multiple, overlapping paths through the city. This article offers a quick comparison across the urban patterns of Rome, London, Barcelona, etc.

Urban Typography Workshop - On the Urban Typography workshop
Urban Typography: what does your city say to you and what do you say to your city? This workshop encouraged participants to express themselves through words and text in their urban environments through the use of Mediamatic's Fab Lab.