Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lego Education

Building Asia Brick By Brick is a playful exercise designed to think about urban form in a rapidly changing context. Different kinds of representations carry different kinds of affordances and overtones. The lego bricks allow a kind of embodied questioning and synthesis of old and new that isn't possible other representations.


Anonymous said...


I noticed that over the last several months you blogged often about Cool
Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet - the innovative public art project in
Chicago that represented simple solutions to global warming. Starting
Monday, November 26 for one week only, select large and mini-globes from the
Cool Globes exhibit in Chicago will be auctioned to raise funds for the
Chicago Conservation Corp Clubs, which provide environmental education
opportunities for Chicago’s youth.

Among the globes to be auctioned are mini-globes from:

* Bill Clinton
* Robert Redford
* David Schwimmer
* Tobey Maguire
* Eva Mendes
* Rob Corddry
* Jenny Lennon and the cast of “Reno 911”
* Magic Johnson
* Dave Winfield
* Chicago Bear Tommie Harris
* Tony Bennett
* BB King
* Heather Headley
* The Gypsy Kings

The auction will take place online, hosted by eBay, so that even those who
don't live in or around Chicago can make an offer. You can view globes or
place a bid in the online auction at www.coolglobes.org.

I thought your blog readers might be interested in learning more. Please
feel free to reply with any questions and I hope you'll consider writing
about this. Thanks!

- Kelly

P.S. Feel free to delete this comment if you're not interested in keeping it posted.

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