Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Andres Duany Gave Quite a Talk

A speech given by Andres Duany in 2002 has motivated business, political, and civic leaders in Atlanta to develop a proposal to spend $1 billion over the next trwenty years to bring life back to Peachtree Street. The proposal would create a street car system, bike lanes and a string of parks to create a world-class corridor similar to Michigan Avenue in Chicago. The funds would come from a special tax district. It is wonderful to see this kind of transformative vision, but the success of this kind of project always depends upon public input and striking the right balance between the interests of developers and residents of the city as a whole.



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Anonymous said...

FYI Here is a 1991 lecture on New Urbanism by Andres Duany. Although dated, the concepts are still the same. Enjoy!